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Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Summer Camp

10. Physical Activity: Campers are active all summer moving, running, dancing, and having a great time! They won’t have time to think about sitting around, because they will be having too much fun moving!

9. New Interests: Coming to camp will help kids develop interests in new things that they may not have thought about before. Sending your kid to X-treme Science week may result in a future physicist and we might have a new Bobby Flay on our hands after Top Camp Chef week! You never know what they may like!

8. Diversity: Campers come from all walks of life! They get to spend time with kids from different cultural, religious, social, and economic backgrounds. It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow!

7. Confidence: Learning new skills, discovering new places, and meeting new people helps kids become more confident and secure. Camp is an even playing field and campers are able to express themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

6. Tech Free: In a world where technology reigns, summer camp is one of the few places where kids get the opportunity to be…well, kids! No cell phones, tablets, or tv’s. Campers build social skills and learn to communicate in ways other than text talk!

5. Adventure: We promise your kiddos will not spend the summer laying around saying, “Mom! We’re bored!” if they are at SC-Fishers Summer Camp! We love going on adventures every day, from creek stomping to learning new sports there is never a dull moment!

4. Convenience: Trying to keep the kids busy all summer is a huge challenge. Well we can do it for you! Summer camp means you don’t have to plan activities, outings, or play dates. We’ve got it all under control! Plus, SC-Fishers Summer Camp is tax deductible and can be used as summer child care!

3. Memories: Someday, when your kid is like 16, they will think about the good ‘ole days when they were kids and remember the care-free summers and how they got to just run, play, & have fun! You can help them build those memories!

2. Friendship: Camp is a great place to make friends! Kids can bond over fun activities, scraped knees, and mutual dislike of kickball! These are friendships that will last a lifetime or at least until school starts in August!

1. Fun: Summer camp is filled with sports, crafts, games, & more but the best part is that it is filled with fun! Our campers laugh, smile, and have a great time every day! This is definitely something they will want to do this summer!

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