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Stroke Development Classes

Angler Fish, Sting Rays, & Sharks make up our stroke development program. These classes focus on stroke technique and endurance. Competitive strokes classes are held once per week and swim for 45-60 minutes.. Stroke development classes are designed to help swimmers who want to participate in swim team or those swimmers who need to improve their technique.

Tuition: $119/student per month – Click here for additional tuition information.

Angler Fish

Requirements: Completed Dolphins OR evaluated and recommended to Angler Fish

Angler Fish is the first of our stroke development classes and is run more like a recreational swim team. Classes meet for 30-45 minutes once a week and have up to 6 students per instructor. Swimmers will work on freestyle with rhythmic breathing, backstroke, and breaststroke, while building the endurance needed to swim a full lap of each stroke.

Sting Rays

Requirements: Completed Angler Fish OR evaluated and recommended to Sting Rays

Sting Rays classes also have 6 swimmers per instructor and swim for 45 minutes. They will build on their current skills, while developing new, more advanced ones. Stroke technique and building endurance are the primary goals in this class. Students are expected to be able to swim longer distances and must be proficient in all strokes.



Requirements: Completed Sting Rays OR evaluated and recommended to Sharks

Sharks is our highest level. This class meets for 45-60 minutes and works on refining technique and building endurance. Students will be expected to swim for longer periods of time. This class is designed to help swimmers prepare for swim team in a year-round setting.

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