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Mission and Core Values

Our Mission Statement

Stony Creek Swim Center’s mission is to enhance children’s natural ability to swim and play through a discovery oriented process. Effective instruction is combined with a safe, comfortable environment to help swimmers become happy, healthy, responsible children.

Our Core Values

  1. Respect – We promise to respect our swim families, our co- workers, our company, and ourselves.
  2. Commitment – We will provide the best experience we possibly can to every person we serve.
  3. Growth – We will take the steps necessary to grow both personally and professionally.
  4. Safety – We will strive to make sure that every swimmer who enters our program feels safe and comfortable.
  5. Willingness – We will do whatever it takes to achieve our primary goal of creating life-long swimmers.
  6. Teamwork – We will set egos aside in favor of working together to create harmony and achieving success.

Our Primary Goal

To create life-long swimmers and promote water safety in our community, because swimming is not only fun…it’s a necessity.

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