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Sanitation Policy

Fecal contamination in or around a pool poses a serious health risk to all using the facility. When an accident occurs, we are forced to shut down operations for an extended period of time to properly clean and sanitize our facility. We are trying to reduce the spread of disease and inconvenience to swimmers whose lessons are canceled. For the health and safety of our swimmers and instructors, please read and follow these guidelines carefully:

  • Children who are under 3 years old OR are not 100% potty-trained must wear either a Happy Nappy Duo swim diaper or a Happy Nappy swim diaper with a Happy Nappy liner underneath. These swim diapers can be purchased in our office. Swim diapers should fit snugly around the legs and waist. There should not be any space or gaps. Disposable swim diapers CANNOT be worn under the reusable swim diapers. Regular disposable diapers are not permitted in the pool. Our definition of potty-trained is: A child who has the capacity to know when they need to use the restroom and will ask to be let out of the pool to go to the bathroom. If your child is not quite there, please put them in a reusable swim diaper. If an accident occurs while wearing a reusable Happy Nappy diaper, the child will be required to wear two reusable swim diapers. Children under the age of 3 who are not wearing a reusable Happy Nappy diaper will not be allowed in the pool.
  • Parents may not bring a child to swim class if the child is experiencing intestinal distress.
  • If a child has an accident in the pool, they will not be allowed to return that day. Their swim diaper must be properly disinfected with bacteria-killing disinfectants.
  • In the event a child has an accident while wearing a swim diaper under their swim suit, they will be required to wear two reusable swim diapers over their suit in the future. If a potty-trained child has an accident and fails to communicate the need to use the restroom, they will be required to wear a swim diaper under their swim suit until suitable communication is established. If a parent has taken all the necessary precautions and an accident occurs, we will not levy the fine.
  • In the event that a child has an accident, is potty-trained, did not ask to use the restroom, and is not wearing a swim diaper, there will be a $250 fine. The costs involved with fecal contamination are very high, due to having to move/cancel lessons, sanitize equipment, and properly disinfect the water.
  • Parents are expected to dispose of soiled swim diapers in the proper containers. They are also expected to assist in cleaning leakage from contaminated areas, i.e. decks, changing tables, showers, toilets, dressing room, etc. The SCSC staff will follow up by cleaning and disinfecting the entire pool area and pool.
  • If your child is prone to experiencing a gag reflex, we request that they not eat two hours prior to participation in swim lessons and that parents exercise caution with liquids before class. If a student vomits in the pool, they may not return to class that same day.
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