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The SCSC Difference

Is there really a difference between SCSC and other swim schools?

Oh, yes, there IS a difference…actually several differences. Most of us teach freestyle and backstroke, we all probably have warm water, and a lot of the lesson format is similar. But that is likely where the similarities end.

Swim schools are as unique as the children who swim there. Even things that look alike are quite different when you get to the nitty gritty. So, what is the nitty gritty on Stony Creek Swim Center?

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…but even when someone copies your curriculum, there are things that can’t be imitated! Let me start by telling you that the biggest thing that no one can imitate is definitely the biggest difference between SCSC and other swim schools…our PASSION!

Back in 1989 my mom began teaching swimming lessons at the old Omni North hotel. At that time there were only a few swim lesson options around central Indiana and there were not any other swim schools. She brought a whole new concept to our community and her passion for teaching children about water safety was evident in the unique, child-centered curriculum she developed. I grew up seeing that passion and it quickly became my own.

The structure, the policies, and even some of the learning tools other schools use closely resemble those of SCSC. So why do employees of other swim schools bring their children to SCSC for lessons?  Because other swim schools might copy our program and imitate our teaching styles, but the one thing they can’t copy is our PASSION.

What I wish people knew was that the franchise swim schools that are coming into central Indiana are no different than other franchise chains. The people that own them bought them when looking for a business to invest time and money into.  They likely sat around trying to decide whether to buy a Subway store, a McDonalds, or a Kumon Learning Center and wound up settling on buying a swim school. They are business people…probably very good business people! But they aren’t passionate about teaching children to save their lives and to love the water.

So, you may come across a new swim school and it may be bright and shiny…but fancy, new buildings can’t outshine our PASSION!!

That is the SCSC Difference!

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