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Drowning does not discriminate

Everyone thinks “it won’t happen to me” but no one is exempt. Drowning does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone, any age, any gender, any race. The only way to prevent it is to be prepared:

BARRIERS – Pools should have proper barriers, including fencing, self-latching gates, and safety covers. Doors leading from the home to the pool deck should have alarms and high locks to prevent children from wandering out.
SUPERVISION – There should always be a Water Watcher. One specifically assigned adult whose only job is to watch the swimmers. This person should be on the pool deck at all times and should not be distracted. Rotate as needed.
SWIMMING LESSONS – Children should be enrolled in swimming lessons year-round from a young age and remain enrolled until they can proficiently swim AND do so in an emergency (if they fall in will they remember how to swim or will they panic).
CPRLearn CPR and first aid. In the event that someone does drown, knowing CPR can be the difference between whether they live or die.

Never assume that drowning cannot happen to you. Be aware. Be prepared. Be safe.


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