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Celebrate Subs!

We’ve got a sub!

Our teachers are committed to their students. Consistent attendance is part of their job description. However, life happens…people get sick, school gets harder, weddings, funerals, etc. Life events are important, and we encourage our staff to be well rounded so that they will feel fulfilled and energized at work.

While consistency is key to your child’s swim progress, flexibility is a valuable life lesson that can be learned in swim class. So when you get one of those “Substitute Swim Instructor” emails, don’t immediately start worrying. Help teach your child the power of positivity and flexibility!

Parents are a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to celebrating subs. Verbal and physical feedback can immediately set the tone for your little whale. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for parents:


  • “Oh look Jack, you get to swim with a new teacher today! Let’s see if we can spot him in the pool.”
  • “It looks like Ms. Allison is sick today. I wonder if your substitute teacher likes Disney as much as Ms. Allison…let’s ask her!”
  • “What an exciting day! We get to swim with a different teacher. I wonder if she’s friends with Mr. Ky…”


  • “Oh no… looks like Ms. Jessica is sick today…don’t worry. You don’t have to swim if you don’t want to.”
  • “Uh oh, Ms. Lexi isn’t here today.”
  • “Ms. Chelsea isn’t here? Great…just great…” (insert body language and tone)
While developing a trust level with teachers is a key component of learning to swim, substitutes can often help students overcome fears and try new things. All of our teachers undergo the same extensive training at SCSC, but they each bring their own personality to their classes. A fresh set of eyes can sometimes be all it takes to overcome a plateau.
Some of the benefits of substitute teachers:
  • Trying new techniques
  • Being flexible and adaptable
  • Exposure to different personalities
So next time your little fish has a sub, help us make it a positive experience so they continue to grow!
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