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Retention is the key to progression when fine-tuning or learning any new skill. SCSC offers year-round lessons that allow children to build upon the foundation learned during spring and summer lessons and continue to progress their skills. Consistency is important for children to learn to swim and for parents, it allows their swimmer to retain their skills on a more permanent basis.

Water Babies is a FREE class for newborns age 4 weeks up to 6 months! After Water Babies infants move into our Little Swimmers classes where they continue to learn and grow! Come in and check out our program!

Stony Creek Swim Center has set the standard for swim instruction in central Indiana since 1989. Our lessons are taught by caring, mature instructors who have your child’s best interests at heart. Children learn best when they feel safe and loved. Each student has a unique personality as well as individual needs that must be considered. Our instructors make sure that each child learns at their own pace, in a positive and rewarding manner. SCSC is family-owned and operated, making our program and facility unique! Our owners live and work in Hamilton County and are committed to serving our community. We are the leading United States Swim School Association member in Central Indiana.

The success of our year round program is directly related to the dedication of our clients to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. Because they realize that learning to swim is not only fun… It’s a necessity!

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