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How long should I plan to leave my child in lessons?

There is no simple answer to this question. Each child is different and will therefore learn at their own pace. However, we can tell you that putting your child in for only a month or two and then withdrawing them will most likely lead to more harm than good. A fearful child who comes to swimming lessons for only one month may leave and no longer be afraid of the water, but they will also not be able to swim. This makes for a very dangerous situation and one that we strongly discourage. Children who are fearful are less likely to go near the water, however a child who has overcome that fear but has not actually learned how to swim has an unrealistic confidence that can result in disaster. One month of swimming lessons is approximately two hours of instruction. There are very few activities in life, let alone life threatening ones, that can be learned adequately in two hours. Our suggestion is to enroll your child from an early age–ideally before they are a year old–and keep them in lessons year-round until they are able to comfortably swim the length of the pool using both freestyle and backstroke. We understand that this is a big commitment, but your child’s safety is our primary concern.

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