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Do you offer make-ups for missed classes?

In an effort to maintain consistency for students, we do offer make-ups within regular classes when available, as well as special make-ups on Saturdays and Sundays when SCSC has a facility closure (see website for specific Saturday make-up dates). In order to qualify for a make-up, SCSC must be notified PRIOR to the absence.

There are several ways to report an absence. The Student Absence Notification Form can be submitted online. You may also call our office, email us, or submit the absence through the SCSC app. We cannot schedule a make-up for absences that we were not reported prior to the start of the missed class. We are unable to reschedule a missed make-up class, unless we are given proper notification that the student will not be attending their make-up class. We do not offer make-ups for Water Babies.

In order to accommodate make-ups, we may put your child in the level below or above their current level. All of our instructors are capable of teaching split-levels, therefore leveling up or down for a make-up will not effect the quality of the lesson.

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