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Can I withdraw my child at anytime?

After completing the required 8-lesson minimum, you can withdraw your child from lessons at anytime with written notification. We have Registration Withdrawal Forms in the office or online and you need to fill this out by the 10th of the month prior to when you wish to withdraw. For example, if you want to withdraw your child as of August, you would need to turn in the form by July 10th, so that we do not charge your checking account on the 15th. This allows us adequate time to remove your child from the class and fill the spot. If you are paying for three months at a time, it is very important that you notify us by the 10th of the third month as to whether you will be continuing or not. Therefore, if you paid for June, July, and August you would need to fill out the withdrawal form or pay for the next three months by August 10th. Your next payment would be for September, October, and November. Any student that is withdrawing from a class must fill out a Registration Withdrawal Form as of the 10th of the month prior, no matter which form of payment was used.

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