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Infant/Toddler Classes

Infant/Toddler Classes include Water Babies, Little Swimmers 1, 2, & 3, and Jellyfish. Parents are in the water with their children and are expected to fully participate in Water Babies & Little Swimmers 1 & 2. Once children move into Little Swimmers 3, the instructor will begin to transition parents out of the water.

Student/Teacher Ratio: Water Babies, Little Swimmers 1 & 2 ratio is 8 students per 1 teacher; Little Swimmers 3 ratio is 4 students per 1 teacher; Jellyfish ratio is 2 students per 1 teacher.

Tuition: Fees for our infant/toddler classes vary based on level. Water Babies is a free class. Little Swimmers 1-3 classes are $84/mo per child. Jellyfish is $102/mo per child. Click here for additional tuition information.

Infant/Toddler Classes Descriptions & Schedules

Water Babies

Age: 4 weeks – up to 6 mo

Children and their parents will discover the joys of water in a calm and inviting environment. We know that being in the water with your little one is an amazing and rewarding experience and this is a wonderful time to explore the joy of water with your infant. This is a free class for children up to 6 months old. Children are promoted to Little Swimmers 1 at the end of the month they turn 5 months old. If a child turns 5 months in the middle of the month they will finish the month and be promoted the following month. While we always encourage continuous, year-round swimming the 8-week/lesson minimum does not apply to Water Babies. Children who enroll directly into Little Swimmers 1 after graduating from Water Babies receive a special promotional rate. Parents are in the water with their child for the duration of the class.

*Water Babies are NOT eligible for make-ups. If a student misses class for 2 consecutive weeks without a written doctor’s note OR a total of 4 classes, they will be automatically withdrawn from the class.


Little Swimmers 1

Age: 6 mo – 15 mo

Swimmers are in the water with their parents and the instructor. We try to establish an environment where children will feel safe and comfortable. Infants have a natural inclination to water and, in the proper situation, can learn many basic swimming skills at a very young age. Children will learn to put their eyes in the water, kick, float on their backs, and swim underwater, as well as basic water safety. Parents are in the water with their child for the duration of the class.

Little Swimmers 2

Age: 16 mo – 24 mo

Water safety is a very important aspect of the Little Swimmers 2 class. Parents and their children work together with an instructor and learn to climb out of the pool independently, how to properly do safety jumps and swim back to the wall, back floats, and wall-walking. Basic swimming skills and techniques, such as flutter kicks with reaches, kicks on their backs, and basic rolling from back to tummy, are some of the skills taught in this class. If your child is 2 years old or older they can be enrolled in Jellyfish (22 mo-2 1/2 years, see below) or Angelfish (2 1/2-3 1/2 years). Please contact us if you have questions about this! Parents are in the water with their child for the duration of the class.

Super Swimmers 1

Little Swimmers 3

Requirements: Must be at least 22 months, have completed 2 months in Little Swimmers 2, AND be invited to LS3 by an instructor. Invitation only.

Little Swimmers 3 is one of our advanced Infant/Toddler classes for children who have completed the Little Swimmers 2 class and are ready for a more structured group class. The ratio for this class is 4 children to 1 instructor and parents are expected to stay in the water for the first few weeks or until the instructor feels they no longer need to be in the water. Children in the LS3 class work on some of the same skills as the Angelfish class and promote into Puffer Fish upon completion of LS3. Students will learn to breathe using the roll-over method and will begin swimming several feet independently. Parents are in the water for a minimum of 2-4 weeks.

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