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Stroke Conditioning Program

The stroke conditioning program is designed to build endurance, develop swim team skills, and promote swimming for fitness purposes.  While some time will be used to fine-tune stroke technique, it is not the primary purpose of this program. Conditioning classes will be offered multiple times throughout the week from August through May. There are no conditioning classes during the summer months, as the majority of our swimmers participate in summer swim leagues.  Swimmers are not required to attend class the same day each week, but are encouraged to attend at least two classes to get the most benefit from the program.

Conditioning Days & Times

Class Options

Class & Conditioning Combo – Swimmers are enrolled in 1 group class (Angler Fish-Sharks) and 1 conditioning class each week.  $110.00 per month

Open Conditioning – Swimmers can attend as many conditioning classes as they would like each week.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least 2 days per week to fully benefit from the class. In order to only do conditioning, swimmers MUST have completed Sting Rays.  $120.00 per month

Class & Open Conditioning – Swimmers are enrolled 1 group class (Angler Fish-Sharks) each week and unlimited conditioning classes. $130.00 per month

General Information about the Stroke Conditioning Program

  • A trial is required for ALL new enrollments and promotions. In order to participate, students must have completed our Angler Fish class AND enroll in a Sting Rays class OR completed our Sting Rays class.
  • The conditioning class does not focus on learning the strokes so it is important for the swimmers to know how to do the strokes. Instructors will work with swimmers to fine-tune strokes, but the primary focus of conditioning is to build endurance.
  • The conditioning program is a fast-paced class and swimmers are encouraged to bring a water bottle.
  • Enrollment in the conditioning program is subject to all general SCSC policies and procedures, including cancellations & withdrawals.


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