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Camp Themes

Summer camp at SC-Fishers is one of the highlights of our summer programs! Campers have opportunities to meet new friends, go on new adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Check out our themes for 2019!

Ninja Warrior

Campers will exercise the ninja spirit that resides deep within their young souls. Their mind, body, and spirit will be rigorously tested on our newly created ninja obstacle course. These little ninjas will endure a wide variety of stealthy outdoor activities that will feed the inner ninja and prepare them for any situation! Join us for a week of physical training for the coveted title of ninja warrior.

Jurassic Land

This week is full of discovery and mystery. Campers will be challenged to unlock the archaeological secrets of the Jurassic period that have been lost to time. They will spend the week getting to know and appreciate the majestic beasts that once made these very lands their stomping grounds. Campers are sure to enjoy the Jurassic land and waters this week.

World of Disney

This week, we are going to submerge ourselves in the vast, exciting, and almost infinite world of Disney.  Prepare yourselves for nonstop action, music, and happily ever afters. Whether we are using Rapunzel’s hair to assist Winnie the Pooh reach some honey, breaching the walls of Maleficent’ s castle on a magic carpet with Aladdin, or melting Elsa’s frozen barricades with a lightsaber, there is a little something for everyone this week. So, ladies, break out those ball gowns and glass slippers, as you are honorary princesses this week. And fellas, this will be the only time you’ll get to hang with pretty princesses without having to spend money like Scrooge McDuck.

Harry Potter

We will be holding camp at Hogwarts Castle this week. We will receive instruction in various potions, transfigurations, charms and even some herbology. So many exciting things to do and learn that you will be begging your muggle parents to stay.  Slip them a few pints of butter beer and you may just get your wish. So much mystery and mischievous fun awaits us this week. You may enter this week as a magic novice, but you will leave as a Defense against the Dark Arts master. At the very least, this week of camp, for everyone, will be nothing less than magical.

X-treme Science

Raising questions, theorizing the answers, and experimenting just to come up with even more questions.  That’s right, it is extreme science week. So, grab your lab coats, clip boards, and ill-advised haircuts and take a good look, as we put the sciences under the microscope. From astrology to physiology, and everything in between, we are going to submerge ourselves in the world of science. We will have telescopes, computer screens with blinking lights, awful smelling chemical liquids bubbling over Bunsen burners and so much more. We will leave this week of camp having earned the honorary title of science geek.

Top Camp Chef

Do you have the skills to whip up a gourmet lunch? This week, campers will have their culinary wits put to the test. They will learn how to put together flavors in a fun and interesting way. Campers will learn the importance of food safety, as well. So, whether it’s seasoning a prime cut of meat to go on the grill, or whipping up mouth-watering confectionary marvels, there will be a little something for every culinary apprentice this week. Bring your taste buds and an empty stomach for a delicious week of camp.

Lego Mania

It is time to uncover the future architects and engineers within our campers. It’s Lego Mania week. We will be building everything from castles with towering spires to the latest supercars to put on the track.  We will only be limited by our own imaginations. So, gather up your hard hats and blue prints, as we get creative on land and in the water to design the most awe-inspiring structures and vehicles the world has ever seen.

Crazy Carnival

Bright flashing lights, the tantalizing smell of deep-fried treats and forty clowns trying to squeeze into a Toyota Prius. That’s right…it is Crazy Carnival week. This week, we will be swan diving, head first, off the top of the trapeze into the fantastical world of the carnival. From death defying stunts and taming of ferocious animals to the insane, patience testing games and sugar rush inducing foods, you may start this week skeptical, unenthused and hungry, but you will certainly leave awestruck, hyped up on sugar coated carbs and hiding from mom and dad so you don’t have to leave. So, bring on the games and funnel cakes, I’m ready, but the real question is…are you?

Paw, Claws & Fins

Our planet Earth is home to over eight million species of animal.  For this week, at camp, we are going to focus on a variety of animal wildlife from all types of ecosystems across the globe. So, grab your safari hat, canteens and scuba gear, as we blaze a nature trail of educational fun. From swimming the depths of the ocean with terrestrial beasts, such as the blue whale, to swinging through the trees of the Amazon on the back of an angry silverback gorilla, this week is packed with fun and learning.

Nerf Madness

“ATTENTION,” shouts the general as he is mustering his campers for the Nerf battle of the century. It is time to take the fight to the enemy. Get your battle gear and stand with your brothers and sisters in arms and prepare for the ultimate showdown for the right to be crowned the ultimate Nerf Champion. So, keep your heads down, the foam darts flying and remember to never leave any of your comrades behind.  Prepare for glory!







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