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Upper Level Small Group Classes

Turtles, Whales, & Dolphins make up our “upper level” small group classes. Children must be able to swim 10 feet unassisted. Our small group classes are considered our “Core” classes. The majority of students in our program swim in one of these six levels. All of these classes have a 4:1 student:teacher ratio.

Level Descriptions & Class Schedules


Average age: 3 – 8 years

This class is considered a transition class for most children. Younger swimmers who are coming from the Clown Fish class will begin transitioning to side-breathing and learn to swim longer distances. Older swimmers who are just entering our program, but have some basic swimming skills, will learn side-breathing. All swimmers will be introduced to backstroke and breaststroke kicks, when their instructor feels they are developmentally ready. Proper stroke technique is a focal point in this class and children will swim shorter distances in order to focus more on doing the strokes correctly.

* Please contact us to be added to the wait list for full classes. 


This class will further develop proper freestyle technique and begin focusing more on backstroke and breaststroke technique. Students will still only swim half the length of the pool, in order to focus on their strokes and breathing. They will also be introduced to elementary backstroke and dolphin kicks. This class is the first step for students who are possibly interested in pursing recreational or competitive team swimming. Swimmers will begin swimming the length of our big pool using a kick board.

* Please contact us to be added to the wait list for full classes.



This is the first class where students will begin swimming the full length of the pool without a kick board. They will also begin learning rhythmic breathing, which is a more advance form of side-breathing. Swimmers will continue focusing on proper technique of backstroke and breaststroke, while increasing their distances. Butterfly and sidestroke will be introduced in this class, as well as flip turns.

* Please contact us to be added to the wait list for full classes.
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