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Level Guide

Finding the right level

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what level to enroll your child into. We want to make this as easy as possible by providing a level guide. Here are some guidelines that will help you decide.

Age 4 weeks through 3 years old

  • Water Babies – 4 weeks up to 6 months
  • Little Swimmers 1 – 6-15 months
  • Little Swimmers 2 – 16-about 28 months months (children close to 2 ½ can enroll in Angelfish)
  • Little Swimmers 3 – 22 months through 3 years, completed LS2 & promoted by teacher
  • Jellyfish – 22 months through 2 ½ years old, independent without a caregiver in the water
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Age 2 ½ through 5 years old

  • Angelfish – 2 ½ through 3 ½ years old, new swimmers, fearful, hesitant
  • Puffer Fish – 3 through 4 ½ years old, new swimmers who are comfortable in the water
  • Clown Fish – 3 through 5 years old, comfortable swimmers who may have a little bit of experience
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Age 3 years old and up and comfortable in the water

  • Turtles – Swimmer is comfortable in the water, but may not have a lot of experience. They may be able to “dog” paddle, float on their back, and jump into the water.
  • Whales – Capable of swimming 15-25 feet doing freestyle and backstroke, can do recognizable breaststroke
  • Dolphins – Capable of swimming 40-50 feet doing freestyle and backstroke, can do basic breaststroke
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Competitive Levels & Stroke Development

  • Angler Fish, Sting Rays, & Sharks – Swimmers are at a pre-competitive level for all 4 competition strokes and capable of swimming a full length of each.
  • Stroke Conditioning Program – Sting Rays level or higher or approved by Aquatics Director
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Specialty Classes

  • Crabs 1 – Age 4 ½ years old and up, swimmers are terrified or extremely fearful
  • Crabs 2 – Age 5 years old and up, swimmers are not very comfortable in the water, but are willing to put their face in the water and attempt floating.
  • Adult & Young Adult – 13 years old and older, new swimmers
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Special Abilities Classes

  • Special Abilities – Individuals with unique physical, mental, and developmental differences.
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