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Camp Themes

Summer camp at SC-Fishers is one of the highlights of our summer programs! Campers have opportunities to meet new friends, go on new adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime! This year we are changing things a little bit. Rather than going on field trips, campers will be creating memorable craft pieces, like stone mosaics  and getting more formal swimming lessons. Visit our website for all the details! Check out some of our previous camp themes!

Lego Mania

Build a prehistoric world, create a castle for a king, or sculpt a masterpiece to rival Legoland! Building with Legos opens a world of imagination and creativity. Kids love creating unique pieces and there is no end to the possibilities! Our sport this week will be soccer, so get ready to learn all about a sport that the whole world loves!

Race through Space

Space…the final frontier! This week there are galaxies to explore, stars to discover, and comets to chase! There’s no end to the fun and adventure as we race through space! We will learn all about the world beyond our own, space exploration, NASA, the international space station, and more! Throughout the week we will also learn the ins and outs of basketball!

Paws & Claws

There are millions of animal species on Earth and this week we are going to learn all about some of them. We will discover the wildlife of the African plains, the winter warriors of the Arctic, and even the world of domesticated animals living among us! Campers will learn about conservation and ways to help protect the world’s animals. When we aren’t talking about animals, we will be learning about America’s greatest pastime…baseball!

Disney Magic

There’s the real world and then there’s a world filled with talking mice, magical princesses, and wonder around every corner! Join us as we wander through the magical world of Disney this week! From animated films to the Star Wars empire, Disney has something for everyone! Volleyball will be our sport of the week!

Emergency Services

There are everyday heroes all around us and this week we will learn about all the amazing things these dedicated men and women do to keep us safe. Firemen, police officers, & paramedics put the needs of their community before themselves and we want to go behind the scenes to find out what it’s all about! Campers will also learn basic first aid and CPR. Between learning about first responders, we will practice our serve on the tennis courts!

Sports Spectacular

Campers will be extra sporty this week, as we learn all about the wide world of sports! Learn the rules of chess, find your center in karate, bond with fellow campers while you capture the flag, and build up your endurance with a game of ultimate Frisbee! We will spend extra time in the pool this week as we learn the fine art of synchronized swimming…it’s harder than it looks!

Superheroes vs. Villains

A battle is raging between good and evil this week! There are so many exciting heroes and dastardly villains and we will be exploring both sides! We will be battling it out in the pool as well, when we learn the exciting sport of water polo! So be prepared to face off this week!

Ocean Wonders

The depths of the world’s oceans are home to some of the most breathtaking creatures on Earth! Fish, whales, dolphins, and sea turtles are just the beginning of our deep-sea adventure this week! Come with us as we explore coral reefs and discover secrets from depths below! Snorkeling and scuba diving will add to the fun of our ocean adventure!






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