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Mermaid University

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Mermaid University

Every kid wants to be a mermaid at some point! SCSC is now offering a unique mermaid program just for those kids! A Mermaid Swim class allows participants to experience swimming like a mermaid. Swimmers learn to wear the mermaid tail and monofin and swim in the dolphin motion of a mermaid.

Mermaid 101 Clinics

Our Mermaid 101 clinics are for first-time mermaids. During these 30-minute clinics, swimmers will learn the basics of swimming like a mermaid, water safety, & tail and fin care. All participants must pass the Mermaid Swim Test to join Mermaid 101. Deck Supervisors can complete the Mermaid Swim Test during a regular swimming lesson or contact our office to schedule a time for your swimmer to come in and complete the test.

Fees: $30 per participant (includes $5 non-refundable registration fee); $15 rental fee for tail and monofin (tails and monofins can also be purchased)

Upside down mermaidLength of Class: 30 minutes, one time

Student/Teacher Ratio: 6 mermaids per 1 teacher

Equipment: All participants must wear a one-piece suit. We recommend goggles and a swim cap, to keep hair out of the face. Swimmers can rent a Fin Fun mermaid tail and monofin for this class. These are also available to purchase in our retail store and is highly recommended for anyone planning on continuing into advanced classes.

Upcoming Mermaid 101 Clinics

Mermaid 101 Pre-Requisites (shown in “Are You Mermaid Tail Ready?” video):

    • Float: 30 seconds on back, 30 seconds on front—take breath while on front.
    • Roll from front to back, roll from back to front.
    • Tread water for approximately one minute.
    • Swim 1 length of the pool in any manner.
    • Perform the dolphin kick.

Mermaid 101 Certification Requirements:

    • Take mermaid tail on and off.
    • Demonstrate the Quick Release Method.
    • Glide across shallow end with tail and fin on.
    • Swim 25 yards with tail and fin on.

Mermaid University Classes

Mermaid University classes are open to any swimmer who has completed and received a Mermaid 101 certificate. The Mermaid U classes are more advanced, and swimmers will learn fluke splashes, rolls, diving, synchronized swimming, and more!

Fee: $170 per participant (includes $25 non-refundable registration fee)

Length of Classes: 30 minutes, one time per week, 8-week sessions

Student/Teacher Ratio: 6-8 mermaids per 1 teacher

Requirements: Swimmers must successfully complete Mermaid 101 before enrolling.

Equipment: All participants must wear a one-piece suit, goggles, and a swim cap. Swimmers must have their own Fin Fun mermaid tail and monofin. They are available for purchase in our retail store. Students enrolled in Mermaid U classes get a 20% discount on tail skin & monofin sets.

Mermaid Tail Care:Mermaids on the beach

  • Don’t rub tail against rough surfaces.
  • Rinse with cold water after each swim.
  • Dry completely before storing.
  • Do not expose to high temperatures. Hot tubs will ruin the mermaid tail material.

Please contact us with questions about Mermaid University classes!


Mermaid University Policies & Procedures

Mermaid classes are different from SCSC’s regular perpetual swimming lessons. Please read through the policies & procedures before registering.


There is a one-time fee for all mermaid classes. Mermaid 101 participants will be charged $30 at the time of registration. Mermaid University Class participants will be charged $170 within two weeks of registration. Mermaid tail and monofin rental is a separate charge.


  • To receive a full refund, less the non-refundable registration fee per student, we must receive written cancellation (email is accepted) no less than fourteen days prior to the event.
  • Cancellations made less than fourteen days prior to the event are not eligible for refunds, unless there is a severe medical or family emergency. In these rare cases, SCSC will evaluate the situation and decide regarding a refund. Additional documentation may be required.
  • If you need to change the date your child is enrolled, please contact us at least 14 days prior to the start of camp. We will be happy to change enrollment up to two weeks before the event, if there is availability.

Safety Policy

Stony Creek Swim Center is NOT a drop off program. Our insurance insists that a caregiver remain in the facility at all times. We are NOT equipped to provide before or after class supervision. For the safety of your child, parents are required to stay in the facility during all classes.

Photo Release

SCSC periodically takes photos and videos of classes for training, promotions, & social media outlets. Student’s personal information (i.e. last name, age, etc.) will never be used. If you do not want the student’s photo taken or used, you must fill out a Photo Media Refusal Form (available in the office). This form MUST be signed by a guardian and returned to the office. This form does NOT prevent other clients from taking pictures. By agreeing to this policy you agree that SCSC can take and use images of the student unless a Photo Media Form is submitted.

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