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Safely Returning to Swim Lessons

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As we begin looking towards reopening on Tuesday, May 26th, we wanted to update everyone regarding the protective measures we will be taking. We understand that modifications will need to be put in place and we are committed to taking concrete steps to ensure social distancing and safety within our facility. The COVID-19 situation is unprecedented in modern times and it makes sense for all of us to work together in planning. Rest assured we are in frequent contact with our swim school colleagues throughout the U.S. regarding our industry moving forward, as well as following the guidance of state and local health departments and government agencies. Please continue reading for specific details regarding the steps we will be taking to ensure the health and safety of our staff, students, and families.

Sanitation & Safety

Besides our normal thorough cleaning and sanitation, we will be sanitizing all surfaces multiple times throughout the day. We began using Microban 24 disinfectant spray prior to closing in March and we will continue using it upon reopening.

  • Toys have been removed from the viewing areas and food/drinks will no longer be allowed (except bottles or other medically required items). We have also removed toys and teaching equipment that hold water (i.e. squeeze toys & porous noodles)
  • We will not be loaning caps, goggles, or towels, however they are available for purchase.
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations in both viewing areas. We are working with our local janitorial supply company to get these set up.
  • Merchandise is still available to purchase, but our Retail Store is temporarily closed. The office staff will get what you are purchasing and hand it to you. There are no returns or exchanges. We will be putting a size and fit guide for swim diapers on our website and social media sites.
  • We will no longer be accepting cash transactions.

Health & Social Distancing

We will be monitoring staff health and be more lenient in our absence policies, in order to make sure our staff stays healthy. We ask that our families also be extra cautious.

  • Absences & Make-ups: We ask that if you, your child, someone in your home, or anyone your family has been in contact with has been sick within 14 days, that you do not come to swimming lessons. We are changing our absence and make-up policies, so that all absences, as long as they are reported before class starts, will be eligible to be made up. And make-ups can be used at any time as long as the student is enrolled. We will also be more lenient with Water Babies absences, as long as they are reported before class.
  • We are requesting that all parents/caregivers wear some kind of face covering in the viewing areas. Seating will be limited and spaced according to social distancing guidelines.
  • In order to follow social distancing guidelines, we will be taking the following steps;
    • Only 1 parent/caregiver per family should come to lessons. If you absolutely need a second person, we understand, but please do not bring unnecessary people. This includes non-swimming siblings. Please leave them at home if possible. If you need to bring non-swimming siblings, please know that they will need to stay seated and we have removed toys from the viewing areas.
    • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your child’s class and try to leave as quickly as possible after class. If the weather is nice, we suggest bringing students in their suits.
    • Parents will no longer be allowed on the pool deck during infant/toddler classes (Water Babies, Little Swimmers 1, & Little Swimmers 2). If you would like video or photos, please let your instructor know and we would be happy to have our Deck Supervisor or a Deck Assistant help.
    • Only one parent/caregiver will be allowed in the water per child in infant/toddler classes (Water Babies, Little Swimmers 1, & Little Swimmers 2).
    • We will allow parents to wait in their cars, if they are not comfortable sitting in the viewing areas. This is entirely optional, and no one is required to wait in their cars. However, if you would like to, we do have some specific criteria:
      • Swimmer must be 100% potty trained and capable of going to the bathroom independently (Deck Supervisor or Assistant will walk students to the deck bathroom as needed).
      • You must bring your swimmer in and make sure he/she gets to their class and be back in the viewing area when class is over.
      • We must have a valid cell phone number on file.
      • You must stay in the parking lot.
      • One Strike Rule: If a parent isn’t in the building when their swimmer is released from class, they will no longer be allowed to leave the viewing areas.


Due to safety concerns, we are not requiring face coverings in the water. We also feel that this will frighten students and that would be counterproductive to our goals. We have purchased plastic face shields, and we are encouraging instructors to wear these as we feel they will be less frightening for students or intrusive while teaching.

  • All levels will be utilizing circuits and circle swimming to help keep students at a safe distance. Our instructors have done extra training to prepare. This will limit physical contact.
  • Class dismissal times will be staggered by 5 minutes.
  • Our Deck Supervisors and Deck Assistants will open doors when classes start and dismiss. We are asking that parents NOT open pool doors.
  • We will be limiting class sizes for certain levels. This may mean moving students around and some classes are still at original sizes as we attempt to move students.
    • 4 students/parents for all infant/toddler classes (Water Babies, Little Swimmers 1, & Little Swimmers 2)
    • 2 students per class in Angelfish
    • 3 students per class in Little Swimmers 3, Puffer Fish, and some Turtles classes
  • Afternoon classes are available from 12-4pm on Monday’s, Thursday’s, & Friday’s.
  • Private and Semi-private classes are available. Classes will be offered based on instructor availability. The classes will meet once per week for 20 minutes. Anyone interested in semi-privates must provide both swimmers (i.e. siblings, friends, other family members, etc.). If you are interested in private or semi-private lessons, please contact us.
    • Private Lessons: $200/child per month
    • Semi-Private Lessons: $125/child per month
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