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New Evaluation Procedures

We have been testing new evaluation procedures over the last six weeks and we are excited to finally be able to share all of the information with our swim families!

We will now be doing continuous evaluations, rather than a set evaluation period. Each week we will be evaluating two levels; one big pool and one small pool. This means that all levels will be evaluated every six weeks. The levels are paired up as follows:

  • Jellyfish & Turtles
  • Little Swimmers 3 & Whales
  • Angelfish & Dolphins
  • Puffer Fish & Angler Fish
  • Clown Fish & Sting Rays
  • Little Swimmers 2, Crabs, & Sharks (three levels because they are small)

The actual evaluations will be the same as they have always been. Students will be evaluated on the skills taught in their current level. We will be posting the skills for each level on our website and on the bulletin boards within the next few days.

Deck Supervisors will notify parent’s if their child is being promoted the week after they are evaluated. If the student is promoted, it is the parent’s responsibility to see the office and find a new class. At times an entire class is promoted and we make the decision to change the class level, rather than have the student’s change classes. If this happens, we will notify parents. Otherwise, please see the office if your child is promoted! You will be able to view your child’s skill progress by logging into the Parent Portal. Currently, the Student Skills section of the portal is not accessible, as we finalize some details, but it will be open within the next few days and an email will be sent out with a link to access it.

Evaluation Guidelines

  • If a child is absent from their regular class, we cannot guarantee they will be evaluated. Instructors do their best to evaluate absent students, but it is not always possible. If your child misses their evaluation, you are more than welcome to request one. Please stop by the office to fill out an evaluation request.
  • Evaluating students takes the entire class, so please try to arrive a little early so the instructor can start class quickly and have the entire 30 minutes to work with the students.
  • We do not evaluate Water Babies or Little Swimmers 1, since they are age-specific levels. Students in these levels will receive a certificate of completion when they reach the appropriate age to be promoted.
  • The office and Deck Supervisors cannot tell you if your child will be promoted until the week after they have been evaluated. This decision is left up to the instructors and they are given a week to update the student’s skills, therefore student promotion information is not available until then.
  • If you are unsure of when your child is being evaluated, stop by the office and we will let you know!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s evaluation. The Deck Supervisors are more than happy to answer questions or discuss any issues!

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