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Camp Themes

Summer camp at SC-Fishers is one of the highlights of our summer programs! Campers have opportunities to meet new friends, go on new adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime! This year we are changing things a little bit. Rather than going on field trips, campers will be creating memorable craft pieces, like stone mosaics  and getting more formal swimming lessons. Visit our website for all the details! Check out some of our previous camp themes!

Sports Jubilee

The racing of your heart is all you will hear as adrenaline surges through your veins! It all comes down to your last move and everyone is counting on you! Be prepared for adrenaline-packed days during Sports Jubilee week.  Tell your mom to pack your “A” game and leave the fatigue and weakness at home.  Don’t forget some extra sportsmanship, will, and fortitude, because you will need them this week, as we play every sport that you know, as well as learn some that you don’t.


Crazy Carnival

Bright flashing lights, the tantalizing smell of yummy treats, and forty clowns trying to squeeze into a Toyota Prius!  That’s right…it is Crazy Carnival week.  This week, we will be swan diving, head first, off of the top of the trapeze into the fantastical world of the carnival.  From death defying stunts and taming of ferocious animals to the insane, patience testing games, you may start this week skeptical and unenthused, but you will certainly leave awestruck and hiding from mom and dad, so you don’t have to leave!

Disclaimer to parents:  Carnival week could result in an excessive amount of fun and over exaggerated smiles that last for several hours.  If your child displays an insanely large smile for more than 24 hours, bring them back to camp and we will “fix” it!

Paws, Claws and Fins

Earth is home to over eight million species of animals.  This week, at camp, we are going to explore animal wildlife from all types of ecosystems across the globe.  So, grab your safari hat, canteens, and scuba gear, as we blaze a nature trail of educational fun.  From swimming the depths of the ocean with blue whales to swinging through the trees of the Amazon on the back of a silverback gorilla, this week is packed with fun and learning.

Wonders of the World

Have you ever wondered what the nomadic tribes of Mongolia eat?  Or what it is like to witness a religious ceremony in Nepal?  Or even what it is like to party, like a rock star, in Dubai?  If these are just the kind of questions that keep you up at night, then this is the week of camp that you’ve been waiting your whole life for.  Journey around the world with us this week as we discover different countries and their unique cultures.

Capes and Badges

As human beings, the potential to be caught in dangerous situations stares us in the face every day.  If you came across someone in one of these situations, do you have the courage and expertise to help?  Well, if your name is Superman, Batman, Spiderman or Captain America, you possess natural abilities that enable you to help a great number of people in these type of situations.  Policemen and firefighters do not have these super natural abilities, but still find the courage to put themselves in harm’s way to help.  This week, we are going to explore both fictional super heroes and real life local ones.


X-treme Science

Raising questions, theorizing the answers, and experimenting just to come up with even more questions.  That’s right, it is extreme science week.  So, grab your lab coats, clip boards, and squinty glasses, as we look under the microscope.  From astronomy to physiology, and everything in between, we are going to submerge ourselves in the world of science.  We will have telescopes, computer screens with blinking lights, awful smelling liquids bubbling over Bunsen burners and so much more.  We will leave this week of camp having

Decades of Fun

Have you ever wondered why your grandma uses certain words or where your mom and dad got their style? Well, this week, we are dusting off the flux capacitor and going to find out.  We are going to travel through time, making pit stops in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s.  We will finally solve the mystery behind why mom’s hair looked the way that it did when she was younger, and why dad thought it was okay to wear shorts that short.  This is a week of fun, learning, adventure and answers!

World of Disney

This week, we are going to submerge ourselves in the vast, exciting, and almost infinite world of Disney.  Prepare yourselves for nonstop action, music and happily ever after’s.  Whether we are using Rapunzel’s hair to assist Winnie the Pooh reach some honey, breaching the walls of Maleficent’ s castle on a magic carpet with Aladdin, or melting Elsa’s frozen barricades with a lightsaber, there is a little something for everyone this week.  So, break out those ball gowns and glass slippers and strap on your Jedi gear, because Disney is more than just fairytales!

Harry Potter

Your acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry should arrive anytime! So, pack your trunk and meet us at Platform 9 ¾ as we embark on a magical adventure that will leave you questioning reality!  We will receive instruction in various potions, transfigurations, charms and even some herbology.  So many exciting things to do and learn that you will be begging your muggle parents to stay.  Slip them a few pints of butter beer and you may just get your wish.  Mystery and mischievous fun awaits us this week!







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