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Summer Lesson Policies & Procedures

General Policies for Summer Swimming Lessons

Registration & Tuition

Payment is due in full at the time of registration. If registering online, tuition must be paid using a checking account. Payment by credit card must be approved by management.

A $50 non-refundable deposit per student is included in the tuition fee.

Minimum Number of Lessons

Generally, we require that students complete a minimum of eight consecutive lessons in our program. This minimum is met by completing at least one 2-week SPLASH session. Our curriculum is designed in a progressive manner. For students to receive the greatest benefits from our program, we feel that they need to remain in lessons consistently until they are proficient swimmers. If a student only takes one month of lessons, that is equal to just two hours of instruction. A lifesaving skill, such as swimming, typically takes longer to master and we want to be confident that every swimmer who exits our program is safe around water.

Changing Lesson Day or Time

If you would like to change the session or time you are enrolled in, you may view class availability online through the Parent Portal. When you find a class that fits your schedule, please call our office and we will gladly help you switch classes. At this time we cannot do transfers online. Registering for another class online will result in a second charge.

Cancellations & Refunds

If you need to cancel prior to starting lessons, we do have a 24-hour grace period after registration. You have up to 24 hours after registering for lessons to cancel without penalty. If you need to cancel lessons within 24 hours of registering, please call our office at (317) 773-7399 or send us an email. However, if you wish to cancel prior to starting lessons and it is after the 24-hour grace period please see the cancellation procedures below.

If you have enrolled in seasonal lessons at our outdoor facilities and it is necessary to withdraw your child, please refer to the information below regarding cancellations and refunds.

  • Cancellations must be received NO LESS than seven (7) days prior to the start of the session to receive a refund. A full refund, less the $50 non-refundable deposit, will be issued within fourteen days of the cancellation.
  • Cancellations received less than one (1) week before the start of a session will receive a 50% refund ONLY if the vacated spot is filled prior to the start of the session.
  • Once a session has begun we cannot give refunds for cancelled lessons.
  • If you wish to cancel, please contact us or complete the online withdrawal form. Failure to cancel at least seven (7) days prior to the session start date will result in a forfeit of all tuition costs.

Make-Up Swimming Lessons

All students receive two (2) make-ups per session. Please submit absence notifications using the Student Absence Notification form or the SCSC app. Make-ups are scheduled through our main office and on-site or by completing a Make-up Request Form. Students may complete their make-ups at any of our locations.


SCSC often uses email to communicate with customers, including information about teacher and class changes. Please make sure that your email and phone numbers are correct. We also use texting to notify customers of immediate information, including weather cancellations and traffic accidents.

Health Policies & Concerns

  • It is mandatory that all children under the age of 3 years old and any child who is not 100% potty trained wear a reusable iPlay swim diaper. These can be purchased in our office. Disposable swim diapers may be worn under iPlay reusable diapers, but not alone. Regular disposal diapers are NOT permitted in the pool. See Sanitation Policy below for more information.
  • We require that all children over the age of 3 years old whose hair is long enough to get in their eyes wear a swim cap. This prevents the swimmer’s hair from interfering with breathing. While we encourage all children to wear a swim cap, we understand that some may have sensitivities and be unwilling or reluctant to do so. If your child has a sensitivity that would be effected by a swim cap, please let your instructor know and we will accommodate their needs. Due to allergies, latex swim caps are not allowed to be worn. Silicone and lycra caps can be purchased at our retail shop in Noblesville or most sporting goods stores.
  • We request that students refrain from eating large amounts of food within 2 hours of their swimming lesson. The movement in the water can often upset children’s stomachs and vomiting in the pool forces us to cancel lessons. Please only give children a small snack before their class.
  • If your child has a fever, diarrhea, or a contagious illness, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your physician for the proper course of action.
  • Individuals with open wounds are not allowed in the pool.
  • Please remove band-aids before entering the pool, keep your child’s nails trimmed, and hair pulled back.

Safety Policy

Stony Creek Swim Center is NOT a drop off program and is NOT equipped to provide before or after class supervision.  For the safety of your child, parents are required to stay in the facility during all classes.

Class Size

Classes are limited to four students in our small group classes (Puffer Fish, Clown Fish, Turtles, Whales, Dolphins, & Crabs), except for Angelfish which is limited to two students in our summer classes.

Student Evaluations & Promotions

All students will be evaluated during the 7th class and receive a report card and ribbon on their last day. If your child is enrolled in another session and he/she is promoted, please call our office at (317) 773-7399 to find a new class.

Instructor Information

Summer instructors at Carmel are assigned shortly before the start of each session. We cannot take instructor requests for these classes. When an instructor is absent, a substitute will be provided. Please be open-minded about new instructors/substitutes so that your child will be as well. All teachers are trained in the same curriculum; therefore, swimming with a different instructor will not hinder your child’s progress.

Facility Closures & Cancellations

We try to limit facility closures, because we know that it is best for the students to have consistency and that scheduling make-ups can be difficult. However, the weather does not always cooperate. Weather closings will be announced on our  website and Facebook page. All families will receive a text message if lessons are cancelled. Please make sure that you have provided a correct cell phone number AND you are opted in to receive text messages. This can be done by logging into the Parent Portal.

Weather Policy

Our general rule is that the air temperature must be at least 68 degrees to have lessons. However, there are times when we use other factors to decide if lessons should be cancelled.

We will have lessons if it is raining and the temperature is acceptable. In the case of severe weather including lightning, we will clear the pool for 30 minutes from the last sighting of lightning. We will provide make-ups for any lessons cancelled due to weather and those make-ups will not count towards the allotted two make-ups.

Sanitation Policy

Fecal contamination in or around a pool poses a serious health risk to all using the facility. When an accident occurs, we are forced to shut down operations for an extended period to properly clean and sanitize our facility. We are trying to reduce the spread of disease and inconvenience to swimmers whose lessons are canceled. For the health and safety of our swimmers and instructors, please read and follow these guidelines carefully:

  • Children who are under 3 years old OR are not 100% potty-trained must wear a reusable iPlay swim diaper underneath their swim suits. These swim diapers can be purchased in our office.
  • Disposable swim diapers may be worn UNDER the reusable iPlay swim diapers, but cannot be used by themselves. Regular disposable diapers are not permitted in the pool.
  • Our definition of potty-trained is: A child who has the capacity to know when they need to use the restroom and will ask to be let out of the pool to go to the bathroom. If your child is not quite there, please put them in a reusable swim diaper.
  • Parents may not bring a child to swim class if the child is experiencing intestinal distress.
  • If a child has an accident in the pool, they will not be allowed to return that day. Their swim diaper must be properly disinfected with bacteria-killing disinfectants.
  • If a child has an accident, is potty-trained, did not ask to use the restroom, and is not wearing a swim diaper, there will be a $250 fine. The costs involved with fecal contamination are very high, due to having to move/cancel lessons, sanitize equipment, and properly disinfect the water.
  • Parents are expected to dispose of soiled swim diapers in the proper containers. They are also expected to assist in cleaning leakage from contaminated areas, i.e. decks, changing tables, showers, toilets, dressing room, etc. The SCSC staff will follow up by cleaning and disinfecting the entire pool area and pool.
  • In the event a child has an accident while wearing a swim diaper under their swim suit, they will be required to wear two reusable swim diapers over their suit in the future. If a potty-trained child has an accident and fails to communicate the need to use the restroom, they will be required to wear a swim diaper under their swim suit until suitable communication is established. If a parent has taken all the necessary precautions and an accident occurs, we will not levy the fine.
  • If your child is prone to experiencing a gag reflex, we request that they not eat two hours prior to participation in swim lessons and that parents exercise caution with liquids before class. If a student vomits in the pool, they may not return to class that same day.
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